Praise the Lord! Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (Psalms 106:1)


  1. Praising our Lord with nice songs, psalms, Coptic hymns
  2. Making a habit for the kids to be in the church on a regular basis and make friends from the church sharing the same interests.
  3. Teaching the kids to work as a group.
  4. Going out of the church boundaries to serve the community.
  5. Helping in fundraising events inside the church and in the near future outside the church.
  6. Sending our productions to Christian TV channels to share in spreading the word.

Age groups

Group Year of birth
St. Abanoub 2015 - 2017
St. Mary 2012 – 2014
St. Philopater  2009 - 2011


 Choir Rules:

 Five pillars of Salt of the Earth Choir equation:

Registration + attendance + participation in practices + memorization + Christian behaviour = performance!

  1. An achievement minimum of 70% (attendance, participation in practices, memorization) is required for the participant to perform (exceptions may apply for excused absences, i.e. sick, away, tournament, etc.).
  2. Registration: The first requirement for performance is registration as a member of the choir!
  3. Attendance: All members are expected to come to practices on time - 2 unexcused late arrivals will be considered as an absence.
  4. Participation in practices: A choir member is expected to be an active participant in all practices and activities which are all for the benefit of the group and their individual spiritual benefit.
    Parents are responsible of signing kids in the practice room and out of the practice room on time. Kids are expected to apply effort at home memorising and utilising materials emailed by the choir for the preparation of a performance.
  5. Memorization: All choir members must fully memorize each song they will be singing to be eligible to perform. All participants will be asked to learn Arabic/English/Coptic hymns. Quizzes will be held periodically, it is the parent’s responsibility to follow up on their kids’ status in that regard.
  6. Christian Behaviour: We are all united as Salt of the Earth Choir to praise our Lord Jesus Christ and we should always resemble his angels who always listen, participate, and show love to one another.
  7. A uniform will be required for performances. (white shirt, black pants or skirt black socks or pantyhose and black shoes, DRESSY, no jeans or running shoes will be accepted) unless otherwise specified.
  8. Refrain from sending your child with a cell phone or iPod, etc. as electronic usage is not permitted during practices.
  9. By completing the registration form, parents agree to publish their kids’ photos and presentations via the Internet and TV channels.


  • A personal photo of the choir member will be required upon registration.
  • All communications will be through the church’s website or via email.
  • We are expecting all parents to volunteer! Please inquire more about how you can help.
  • Please make sure you have carefully read the Choir Rules above before completing registration.


Questions? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Interested in joining? Please review the choir rules then complete the online registration form.

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