A bi-weekly family meeting that addresses fundamental family issues. It aims at enhancing the development of a christian atmosphere within our families that nourishes our children and raises them in the love of Jesus Christ. We target engaged couples, newly married couples and parents of elementary and high school children.


The 2nd and 4th Friday of every month at 7:30 PM. Free babysitting for children 2-6 years old.


The 2nd Friday of the month covers family related topics to improve relationships between spouses.

The 4th Friday of the month covers parenting related to topics to assist parents in addressing sexual related issues with their children.


Topics For Families Speaker Date
Our children and the seven sacraments Fr. Youhanna Oct 14, 2016
How to deal with failure  Dr. Kareem Nov 11, 2016
Successful marital relationships Fr. Rewis Dec 9, 2016
Celebrating differences in marriage Dr. Sami Fahmy Jan 13, 2017
Marital challenges/conflicts and how handle them Robert Bakheet Feb 10, 2017
Enhancing marriage relationship from good to great Ms. Mary Fahmy Mar 10, 2017
What love language do you speak? Dr. Sami Fahmy May 12, 2017
Marriage care and maintenance Fr. Youhanna Jun 9, 2017
Positive parenting program I Ms. Elham Jul 14, 2017
Christianity and sexuality Dr. Sami Fahmy Aug 11, 2017
Healthy communication in marital relationships Ms. Mary Fahmy Sep 8, 2017
Positive parenting program II Ms. Elham Oct 13, 2017
Love and respect your spouse Fr. Rewis Nov 10, 2017
Marriage and change Dr. Sami Fahmy Dec 8, 2017


Topics For Parents Speaker Dates
Information session about sexuality and Alberta curriculum Dr. Sami Fahmy Oct 28, 2016
Bad pictures and good pictures Peter Basha Nov 25, 2016
How to foster values in your children Peter Basha Dec 23, 2016
Emotional intelligence and sexuality Dr. Sami Fahmy Jan 27, 2017
Self esteem and sexuality Ms. Mary Fahmy Feb 24, 2017
What is a parent's role in their daughter's life? Dr. Sami Fahmy Mar 24, 2017
How to raise resilient, responsible kids Ms. Mary Fahmy Apr 28, 2017
How to deal with teenagers and their emotions Ihab Girgis May 26, 2017
Bullying Ms. Mary Fahmy Jun 23, 2017
Why you should wait until marriage Dr. Samy Fahmy Jul 28, 2017
What your kids need to know about sexuality and when Peter Basha Aug 25, 2017
Friendship vs dating Amal Sep 22, 2017
How to protect our kids from abuse Ms. Mary Fahmy Oct 27, 2017
Questions to ask at school and the school's answers (Gr 4-6) Peter Basha Nov 24, 2017
How to connect and talk with your kids? Dr. Sami Fahmy Dec 22, 2017


For questions, contact Dr. Sami Fahmy or Ihab Girgis.

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