Sunday School

Sundays from 11-12 PM


University & Graduates Bible Study

Wednesdays 8-9 PM


Jr High & High School Bible Studies

Fridays 8-9 PM


Intro to Orthodoxy Class

Fridays 9-10 PM


HGSD Classes  

Saturday 7:30 pm after the vesper prayers


Seniors' Meeting

Once a month on Saturdays, different speakers and activities

Starts with Holy Liturgy from 8-10 AM

Ends at 2 PM


Fellowship of the King Graduates Meeting

Once a month on Fridays at 7-8 pm


EPIC Evangelism Meeting

First Sunday of the month in the University Class (11-12 PM)

and the following Wednesday at 8-9 PM in Bible Study

Outreach event times vary


Servants Meeting

First and third Sunday of the month after Sunday School


Anba Beshoy Meeting for Individuals

Arabic meeting for individuals

Second and fourth Sunday of the month


Preservants Meeting

Meeting times vary


Prayer Meeting & Vespers

Wednesdays at 7-8 PM 

Abu Sefein Chapel


Arabic Bible Study

Saturday 7:30 pm after the vesper prayers


Pope Kyrillos Meeting

Different Speakers, Arabic, Family, General subjects

Second and fourth Friday of the month 7-9 PM 

Babysitting is offered to maximize the benefit


Curriculum Corner

Habib Girgis School of
Coptic Studies Curriculum

LEAF Summer Camp

Children of Light
Sunday School Curriculum