For there were about five thousand men. Then He said to His disciples, “Make them sit down in groups of fifty.” And they did so, and made them all sit down.- Luke 9:14-15

  1. An achievement minimum of 70% (attendance, participation in practices, memorization) is required for the participant to perform (exceptions may apply for excused absences, i.e. sick, away, tournament, etc.).
  2. All members are expected to come to practices on time. 2 unexcused late arrivals will be considered as an absence.
  3. Quizzes will be held periodically, it is the parents’ responsibility to follow up their kids’ status in that regards.
  4. Only participants who achieve the following equation will be informed by e-mail to join the performance.
    Registration + attendance + participation in practices + memorization + Christian behaviour = performance
  5. Angel group performance will be annually and as needed.
  6. Groups are not determined by age. It will be determined by the effort applied by the student with the help of his/her parents.
  7. A uniform will be required for performances. (white shirt, black pants or skirt black socks or pantyhose and black shoes, DRESSY, no jeans or running shoes will be accepted) unless otherwise specified.
  8. A $22 fee is required from each choir member (the money will be used to rent or buy equipment as needed)
  9. All the church kids are welcome to attend practices as long as they come to enjoy and learn hymns and the equation below is fully understood by parents and participants.
    Registration + attendance + participation in practices + memorization + Christian behaviour = performance
  10. Learning old songs, that have been taught to old choir members, will be the responsibility of the new members. Materials are available by request. 
  11. All communication will be through the church website or via emails. Please make sure to check your email regularly. Any changes in the schedule will be communicated by email as well. 
  12. All issues and valid concerns should be communicated directly to the Choir leader.
  13. As there are many considerations that affect our stage map, the stage Map will be changed as needed.
  14. As there are many considerations that affect assigning solo roles, solo roles may be assigned to certain members all the time as needed for the success of the choir performance.
  15. Refrain from sending your child with a cell phone or iPod, etc.
  16. Attending practices are for kids, servants, and the assigned volunteers only.
  17. We will need all Angel group parents to be around in the waiting area.
  18. Expect more frequent practices just before performances and, occasionally, changes in the schedule and longer practices as well. we would appreciate your time as well as your patience.
  19. By completing the registration form, parents are giving permission to their kids to present outside the church for community services (hospitals, senior homes, etc.) and for fundraising events as well.
  20. By completing the registration form, parents agree to publishing their kids’ photos and presentations via the internet and TV channels.
  21. All participants will be asked to learn Arabic/English/Coptic hymns.
  22. Kids supervision will be the parents’ responsibility before and after the time of the practice and outside the classroom.

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