Our Mission is to: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

This is why we, the high school group, are called Mission1615


Our Vision is: A Life of Service

As we become more independent, it is our choice to serve, to do well, and to be children of God. We aim to serve while learning to be equipped to know, understand, and defend our faith.


Our Sunday School class consists of:

+ Spiritual Sundays: where we are having a topic and facilitated open discussion related to one of our objectives and in line with our Mission and Vision,

+ Service Sundays: where we are dedicated to serving either within or outside of the Church.

+ Social Sundays: where we are fundraising to support our mission trip and services while also building connections and bonding together as one team and one body in Christ.


Service Events

So far, with God's grace, the Mission1615 group has visited the church neighborhood and distributed Thanksgiving cards and chocolates while doing a fundraising bottle drive, helped set up the Thanksgiving dinner in our church, prepared Sandwiches and distributed it in downtown Edmonton for the homeless community, and served in the All Saints Eve, Faith and Culture Weekend, Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, Visiting Senior Homes, Winter and Spring Camps, Christmas Wonderland, and many more upcoming Services and Fundraising Events with God's grace.


Mission Trip

We have been on Mission trips to Los Angeles, Toronto, and are planning our next trip to Bolivia. Our mission trips are filled with learning, serving, and fellowship.



We appreciate any donations to support our mission trip and service events.

School of Coptic Studies


English Service

High School Service

University Campus Service