1. Download the App on your iPhone or Android phone, you may also search for “St. Mary St. Mark Edmonton” on the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, click here to view on a Computer.
  2. Click "Create an account."
  3. Follow the form wizard to complete your registration. Please use the official information (names and contact information) as this will be used for the church communication as well as the yearly tax receipts.  
  4. The system will send your account credentials to your email, use the link provided in the email to login. You'll be prompted to change the auto generated password. Please use at least 8 characters long password that has at least an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number and a symbol.
  5. As you login for the first time, you'll notice a red bar on the top asking you to fill in some required information, please follow the instructions provided and make your best efforts to fill the following fields:
    1. Family Role: Account creators are automatically assigned the "primary" role. As you add additional family members, it is recommended to give the right role to your family members as it will improve the reporting accuracy. Please assign the “Spouse” role to your spouse and the “Child” role to your children. For any other family members, please assign them the ”Other” role
    2. Emails/phone number: Mandatory field, if your children don’t have personal emails or phone numbers please use either parents' contact information
    3. Deacon: Please fill it if you are a deacon. Ignore otherwise
    4. Profession: It is helpful to fill in your profession so we can serve you better.
    5. Grade: Required for children from Pre-kindergarten and Grade 12, optional otherwise.
    6. Birthdate: Required for children below 18 years old so we can assign them to the services that are suitable for their age.
    7. Church Services: It is recommended to list all of the services that you currently serve in, this will help us a lot when we move the church services to the new system.
    8. Previous Services: If you are a newcomer, or if you are not participating in any church service right now, please give us an idea of which services you were part of in the past.
    9. Create Login Credentials For This Member (Only for 18 years or older): Use this option if you want to request separate login credentials for your spouse or any of your children who are 18 years or older. This option requires a unique email address in the "email" field for each person.
  6. If you are part of a family, use the option to add additional family members (spouse, children, parents, ..etc) to your profile.
    • Spouses/children are discouraged from creating their own accounts. If they do so, the system will NOT be able to group you all in one family.
    • Don't share your password with your family members, alternatively, you can request separate logins for your spouse or any of your children (only for those who are 18 years and older), just make sure to:
      • Register them with their unique email addresses so they can receive the login credentials
      • Check the "Create Account Access For This Member" option on their profiles. 
        They get an email within 24 hours with their own system access, they will be able to manage the family profile and book events in the same way as the primary account holder. Please don’t share your login with anyone. 
    • If you have children:
      • If your children are married or no longer living with the family, let them create their own accounts, otherwise include them in your family profile.
      • For children between Pre-kindergarten and Grade 12 inclusive, make sure to fill in the "Date of birth" and "Grade" fields.
    • If you have parents, father/mother in law, or any other relatives attending the church services:
      • If they are living with you, you can add them to your family profile, otherwise let them create their own family accounts.
If you ran into issues while creating your account, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

If you have any questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page


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