Weekly Service Schedule

 Weekly Service Schedule 

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Service Descriptions

Along with the classes, deacons/deaconesses will be assigned adequate services based on their age group on a weekly schedule. 

  • Hamal and Orban: help prepare the hamal, read the psalms, learn about the hamal requirements.
  • Church and Altar wellbeing and preparedness: organizing the books, shelves, and general order of the church, cleaning the altar area, and help preparing the linens and incenses. 
  • Altar responses: serves in the altar during the vespers and the liturgy. additional responsibilities are detailed in the guidelines. 
  • English Chorus Lead: lead the english responses on the south chorus during vespers and liturgy.
  • Liturgical books and presentations: responsible of preparing the books of the season or service (Synaxarium, readings, special service) and help display them on the projector.
  • Readings: assigned readings during the liturgy for each age group including the Vespers and Agpeya, Gospels, Pauline and Praxis.
  • Communion Assistance: responsible of preparing the water, linens, candles and helping the lead deacon in ushering the people according the guidelines.
  • Midnight praises lead: lead the midnight praises on the English side.
  • Glorification of saints: preparing a booklet with the lyrics of the glorification of the saint, a short bio, and a picture. lead the glorification for the English chorus, and assist in case we have the relics of this saint.
  • Occasional sacrament services: Assist the priest in the following services: communion visitation, weddings, baptism, ointment of the sick, funerals.

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