The documents below (Deaconship Ranks, Responsibilities, and Ordination Guidelines) present the general guidelines for deaconship service in the Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary and St Mark, Edmonton, Alberta. The booklet and its contents are being developed and used by Habib Girgis School of Coptic Studies (HGSCS) to administer deacon ordinations and general deacon guidelines. 

The booklet starts with an introduction to the deaconship service and then gives a detailed description of each deaconship rank. The description includes the qualifications required for ordination, the general duties performed by the rank, the uniform appropriate for the rank, an overview of the rite of the ordination, then special notes on the responsibilities and the ordination of each rank. The last section of the booklet lists the general guidelines for deacons to attend church and serve in the sanctuary. May this booklet be a source of blessings and a reason for the salvation of many.


 A) Chanter (Epsaltos)

 B) Reader (Anagnostes)

 C) Subdeacon (Epi-diakon)

D) Deacon (Diakon)

 General Guidelines for All Ranks of Deaconship

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 Deaconship Ranks, Responsibilities, and Ordination Guidelines 


Ordination Requirements

 A) Chanter (Epsaltos)

 B) Reader (Anagnostes)

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