About Us

The Pharmacy Bridging Program is managed by Pharamagate (an Alberta Registered Business)

We are two academically affiliated clinical pharmacists who organize and provide bridging and professional development lectures/sessions for internationally trained pharmacists.

We help mainly internationally trained pharmacists (Non-Canadian graduates) to successfully challenge the Canadian Board Pharmacy exams in order to be eligible for licensure.



a) Evaluating Exam classes.

b) Qualifying Exam-1 classes (MCQ).

c) Qualifying Exam-2 classes (OSCE: an oral exam).


Who we serve

We serve internationally trained pharmacists in addition to any interested Canadian graduates or practicing pharmacists.



Any international pharmacy graduate who is interested to join this program is welcome. To join, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to register for the given class.

Candidates will be required to pay a discounted/modest fee to cover the basic course expenses (rent, photocopier, technology, instructor time, etc.) and which is donated, in part, to our Church in Edmonton as a fundraiser.


Meeting times

Generally, classes run over 2-4 months in 2 cycles per year; each course is repeated twice every year.

a) MCQ Exam classes run on Tuesdays (1800-2100) and Saturdays (0900-1800) in room 310.

b) Evaluating Exam classes run on Saturdays (1000-1400: simultaneously with the MCQ classes) and on Tuesdays (1800-2100) in room 310.

c) OSCE Exam classes are held over 4 sessions, each comprises a full-day workshop. Schedules for these workshops are arranged a priori.



We created a database of questions which are copyrighted. For the Evaluating Exam and the MCQ Exam, each session we hold a quiz which comprises 30-60 questions. Furthermore, throughout these courses we hold 2 mock exams, each comprising 150 questions. Moreover, we provide candidates with handouts to help them study the topics we discussed during sessions; a handout is between 150-300 powerpoint slides that includes very focused information targeting common clinical practice in pharmacy as well as management, ethical and legal guidelines.

For the OSCE crash course (4 workshops), we train candidates on several live stations that they might encounter in the real-life exam or in professional clinical practice.


Future events

We are planning to diversify our programs in order to target the professional development and the continuing education of practicing pharmacists as well. 


Contact information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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