The program was motivated by the need for leaders in the church and the community in general.

Parent Support

We need parents support in so many ways:

  1. Giving your children ride to the church as need be
  2. Support them in their projects and study
  3. Motivate them to join the program and be part of it
  4. The program will have a huge impact on their personality and future please support them 

The program is divided into five areas

  1. Leadership module
  2. Project management module
  3. communication skills module
  4. Public speaking module
  5. Individual project base on each individual interest and ability

 What is in it for the youth?

  • Better personal satisfaction
  • Complete personal/school projects on time
  • Better recognition as a leader
  • Do better at school
  • Include it in their resume
  • Better paying job upon graduation
  • Serve the church and the community
  • BIG reward at the completion
  • The program is designed and managed by Sami Fahmy and supported by six coordinators, three females and three male
  • The program is designed to accommodate 15 youth. They will be divided  in three groups of five each
  • The program is designed to run for one year
  • Each track involves the delivery of four lectures biweekly over a two month period
  • The program will conclude with an exam. Successful candidate will be awarded a nice valuable reward

Contact Information

Dr. Sami Fahmy


School of Coptic Studies


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