Facilities available for booking include the GymCommunity HallKitchenMeeting Rooms, and Chapels. Facility reservations are available during the Canadian Coptic Community Centre hours of operation.



  • Please do not borrow any items from other rooms; inform the church office of what you need and we will be sure to equip it with the missing items. The activity organizer should be the last to leave the room and make sure that the room is returned to its original state, that all borrowed items are returned to their original location. Activity participants are required to look after their children and make sure they have something to do so they do not interrupt other meetings or prayers. 


Reservation Requests

Please complete the form below to request a reservation or service for your event. We will contact you within two days regarding your request. If you request services, one month advance notice is requested. Please also complete the form for church services, even if they are outdoor.


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