We are looking to fill a number positions!

  • Program Instructor (6 positions)
  • Program Manager (1 position)
  • Instructor Assistant (volunteers)


Desired Qualifications

  • Experience working or volunteering with children
  • Reliable, committed, and hard-working
  • good role model 
  • character of integrity 
  • Biblical knowledge 
  • experience in education field (managers)


Program Instructor

Education Requirements: Completion of Grade 10 or higher, preferably have completed Grade 12.


  • Greet and salute students daily (PUNCTUAL!)
  • Maintain attendance records
  • Clearly communicate with parents: 
    • Weekly through letters
    • Daily as needed
  • Deliver units as provided
    • Read units ahead of time
    • Prepare required supplies, set-up room for easy transitioning, and successful completion of lessons
    • Choose appropriate supplementary activities from those provided
  • Accompany students on field trips
  • Supervise students at all times
  • Encourage students and meet their needs as best as possible
  • Complete reflection and feedback forms daily.

Salary: $13.60/Hour


Program Manager

Education Requirements: Completion of 2 years at the University Level, preferably specializing in Education or a related field.


  • Support instructors
    • Field trip forms
    • Confirm absences (phone calls home)
    • Cover shifts of absent instructors and relieve overwhelmed instructors
    • Standby during field trips (Should have driver’s licence & vehicle)
    • Deal with difficult behaviours
    • Greet and salute students daily
  • Clearly communicate with parents
  • Create and manage instructor shift schedules (when necessary)
  • Purchase & submit expenses as required (when necessary)
  • Complete reflection and feedback forms weekly
  • Collect and manage feedback forms from instructors, parents, and children

Salary: $15/hour 


Instructor Assistant (Volunteer)

Education Requirements: Completion of Grade 7 or higher


  • Read to children & listen to children reading
  • Provide extra hands for crafts, hands-on activities
  • Run stations during in-class field trips
  • Lead children in games during recess

Salary: Unpaid 



Apply to work or volunteer with the LEAF Summer Program! Application deadline is April 30. We will contact you after the posting closes regarding your application.


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